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Teachable Moments While Watching The Olympics

Teachable Moments While Watching The Olympics

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As you follow the Olympics, watching your favorite events with youth athletes you are coaching and/or parenting, you will encounter many teachable moments. Here is advice on what to look for and how to use those teachable moments to develop Better Athletes, Better People from Tina Syer (@TinaPCA), PCA’s Chief Impact Officer, who is also a youth sports coach and parent.

This article explains how parents and coaches can:

  • "Ask rather than tell."
  • Identify both positive and negative life lessons.
  • Find examples of Olympians thanking officials.
  • Notice when Olympians pick up their teammates and/or opponents.

Read and download the entire article for more ideas on how you can help your youth athletes by capitalizing on teachable moments throughout the Olympic Games.

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