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Parent-Guardian Letter

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One way in which coaches can get onto the same page with their players' parents or guardians is to present them with this letter before the season starts. The letter explains the Double-Goal Coach® philosophy and sets expectations that are important for the parents to know about their child’s coach. This letter is a great way for coaches to prevent future disagreements or misunderstandings, and is a great tool for effectively communicating with the team parents.

This document, produced by Positive Coaching Alliance, is a tool many coaches print off and use as their letter. It outlines three major principles of focus for the coach that are supported by PCA’s efforts to develop Better Athletes, Better People: The ELM Tree of Mastery, Filling Emotional Tanks and Honoring the Game.

Outlining a focus on the ELM Tree of Mastery (an acronym for Effort, Learning and Mistakes are OK) lets the parents know that there is a more important way to measure wins and successes for the season, beyond the scoreboard results.

It’s also important to define the coach’s emphasis on Filling Emotional Tanks. Parents play an important role in this effort to positively reinforce an athlete, so the coaching staff should be upfront about their commitment to this positive approach to coaching.

This sample letter also focuses on Honoring the Game, reminding parents and guardians of how to honor the game themselves and how to help teach their children to Honor the Game.

Youth sports should be about learning life lessons, and with the help of this parent/guardian letter, coaches an parents can work together to make these principles even more effective.

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